Enterprise Communication Platform

A 'Go Green' initiative ensuring 100% delivery of all your enterprise messages on smart phones, via email and on social media instantaneously

Admin Login  

Simple Mobile App & Powerful Admin Web Portal

YetConnect mobile app has been designed to provide ease of use and yet great experience. The admin portal on web is a powerful tool to send messages and receive acknowledgements and responses.

Admin Users

Admin users can send unlimited messages with any file attachments to groups or individuals via web portal. Acknowledgements, Likes and user responses can be seen in a single view. scheduled events can be shared with recipients via Event Calendar. Powerful reporting is helpful in data analysis

Mobile Users

Mobile users can easily receive messages and send response via smart phone. Event calendar is a useful tool to know the activities planned for the organisation. No functionality need more than 2 clicks to access.


The mobile application is branded with your organization logo and name so that your users download your organization application. Its a great way to publicize your own brand and create presence in your community.

God lies in simplicity

The same principle has been applied in YetConnect. Designing a simple app took us lot of hard work and intellectual thinking. With much focus on usability of the application, YetConnect has been designed to give you beautiful and quickly accessible functionality.

The easiest way to show off your branded app

YetConnect is offering your own branding on mobile apps. So you can show off your own organization presence on Android, Apple store to the whole world

Flexible pricing model

Based on your dynamic needs, the pricing model of YetConnect has dynamic layers which can vary based on your user base, security requirements, maturity of your internal IT team or any which way it suits your organization.

Our Prestigious Relationships

We are proud to be related to our customers and always eager to serve them for their business.